Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie projects

Personally, i loved the projects we were assigned we really got a chance to be creative and put our artistic minds together!!! I like how we were given all the materials needed  and sent on our way afterwards it gave us a chance to be independent. Also i like how our groups were set up; someone from each cluster in a group, this way we got a chance to meet new people and to contribute to our project with each talent that we have!! :)
(please enjoy this pregnant man)

Monday, November 7, 2011

6 weeks projects!!

These last couple of weeks have been fun but a challenge. We were put into a group,given an prompt and told to make a 5minute clip about that promt.Our group faced many challenges when coming up with an idea that made since but wasn't so cliche.Once we came up with a idea and characters our teacher told us that it wasnt original.So we changed everything at first i was a main character and this time i wasn't really in the script i was just the sound person so it kind of made me feel like i wasnt really needed which made me not as involved as i should have been but after talking to my group and with my teacher I realized that even if you have a small part no matter what it is and you do everything you can to make it bomb youll make a big difference to your project!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This week in nu works we learned about space and how we use them in the arts.
We learned in many different ways but my favorite by far was movement in space. 
Because we got to DANCE!!

Even though i am a theatre geek i love dancing and 
have been dancing for a while so when i found out we got to move I was ecstatic!

So in this exercise we got a topic and we had to portray it by dancing we got all 
kinds of different music to dance to it was great i really hope we get to go there